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Learning Landscapes


Learning Landscapes encompasses several sub-projects by UB to transform everyday spaces in Brownsville into fun, engaging, opportunities for learning, bonding, and child development. Our vision is for the neighborhood itself to become a children’s museum.


In late January of 2020, Learning Landscapes launched in the Food Bazaar and Cherry Valley supermarkets. This project was inspired by the “Talking is Teaching” campaign of the Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative. Our process involved collaboration with local designers of color, families from Brownsville, and the Clinton Foundation to customize signage that transformed the supermarket experience into a two-generational learning scavenger hunt.


Unfortunately, the original incarnation of Learning Landscapes was discontinued due to the covid-19 pandemic. UB is planning to relaunch the project in grocery stores in 2022.


In the meantime, UB has embarked on two other Learning Landscapes projects:


Learning Landscapes @ Home 


This project developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the needs of families with young children to fin ways to support their children’s learning and development at home, without screens. It involved crowdsourcing dozens of learning activity ideas from local families, creation of family-friendly text in English and Spanish describing those activities, and a design process led by the Family Advisory Board and a Black-owned design firm.


In 2021, UB began distributing thousands of Learning Landscapes @Home kits that consist of activity cards, books, and arts and crafts supplies to local families directly and through our Provider Action Team.


Ruth Horry is now distributing Learning Landscapes @Home kits every Friday from 3-5pm at the Greg Jackson Center in Brownsville. If you are interested in receiving a Learning Landscapes @Home kit for yourself or your clients for free, e-mail [email protected], and she will arrange it with you.


WNET Learning Neighborhoods


A new partnership with WNET to bring educational programming to spaces in Brownsville. Learn more on WNET’s website.

Learning Landscapes @Home (2021-2022)

Learning Landscapes @ Food Bazaar (2020)


We are parents, foster parents, family members, and advocates for the 3,500 children aged three and under in our Brooklyn neighborhood. We are daycare providers, psychologists, speech therapists, shelter staff, and pediatricians.


We are also UB’s backbone staff, who have backgrounds in social services, community engagement, education, and management. We’re good at getting people together and trying to make important services work better for them.


We are united to change relationships between and among our groups so that infants and toddlers in Brownsville develop the language and social-emotional skills that will ensure success in life.