Are you concerned about paying off student loans right now?

  • Student Loan Debt Tips During COVID-19: If you are currently repaying student loans, please note that federal student loan borrowers were automatically placed on deferment of payments and interest from April 2020 – October 2020. This deferment may have different long-term and short-term impacts on borrowers depending on your specific circumstances, and it may be wise to talk to a loan counselor or your loan provider directly to understand its impact on you.
  • Two organizations that may be able to provide direct counseling about student loan debt and repayment are:
    • Take Root Justice: email [email protected] for assistance if you believe you are facing a workers’ rights issue related to the coronavirus pandemic.
    • New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) has attorneys and staff who may be able to assist you. Visit their Get Help page, click on Financial Counseling,  and follow the instructions to book an online appointment.
  • You may apply online to suspend collection of student loan debt through the office of Leticia James, NYS Attorney General.