April 2021 – FAB Meeting #36

FAB Meeting #36 04/09/2021



  • 7 UB Backbone Staff (David Harrington, Kassa Belay, Athenia Rodney, Aileen Gonzalez, Briona Clark, Ruth Horry)
  • 11 FAB Members



  1. Acknowledge the episode of family violence in Brownsville’s Van Dyke houses this week. We will hold additional space after this meeting at 3 to discuss and reflect.
  2. Further explore new system improvement project topics
  3. UB news and updates



In our April meeting, we revisited ideas for a new systems improvement project after doing more research and updated the FAB on Dionne’s expanding role in FAB support systems, our upcoming third installment of the food delivery program, and received updates on the work of the Early Intervention Ambassador and the FAB Fellow.


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