December 2019 – FAB Meeting #20


  • 4 UB backbone staff (Kassa Belay, David Harrington, Danielle Augustine, Amelia Thompson)

  • 14 FAB members

  • Maylene Thurton, Chief of Staff to NY State Senator Roxanne Persaud, representing NY’s 19th Senate District


  • UB will follow-up with Shane’s Inspiration to pose questions that were raised concerning the current park section of Osborne Park

  • UB will establish a selection process for the FAB Fellowship that is consistent with the FAB’s views on a fair and equitable process

  • FAB members will follow up with Councilwoman Alicka Ampry-Samuel to sustain her engagement with UB

  • FAB members are invited to take on more co-facilitation roles with UB backbone team, follow up to come

Meeting Notes


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