February 2019 – FAB Meeting #10


UB backbone staff present: David Harrington, Kassa Belay, Dionne Grayman, Jason Ludwig, Danielle Augustine

Number of FAB members present: 15


  • The FAB wants more information about Strive Together before voting on whether or not to join the network.
    • There were specific concerns about losing UB’s unique identity, giving up credit and intellectual property to others, and whether the Strive would benefit the FAB.
    • There was also a specific request for data that demonstrated how Strive membership improves the ability of collective impact groups to create change in their communities.
  • The FAB identified numerous examples of people, places, events, cultures, and history that could be learned about in a Family Co-Op, and expressed different ways that the narrative about Brownsville would be remixed if they were telling it.

Meeting Notes


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