February 2019 – PAT Meeting #8


UB backbone staff present: David Harrington, Dionne Grayman, Kassa Belay, Jason Ludwig

Attendees: 25 participants, including representatives of 15 programs from 11 organizations and 5 FAB members


  • There is a direct connection between poetry and data. As with the FAB, PAT members responded personally to the experiences of discrimination and inequity, as well as the desire to “Lift Off”, as articulated in Donovan Livingston’s spoken word graduation speech. These experiences should inform the work UB does, including the way it approaches data and evaluation.

  • PAT members identified numerous existing and potential ways to measure the outcomes requested by the FAB, which will be followed up on in future UB meetings.

  • The publicly available data for Early Intervention (EI) demonstrates clear racial/ethnic inequities in the ways that EI services are accessed; white children aged 0-3 are overrepresented among referrals and utilization of services, while black children are underrepresented.

  • UB would like to see EI data for Brownsville to compare how utilization of services here compares to NYC and Brooklyn and to improve pathways so that Brownsville children eligible for EI receive services as early as possible.

Meeting Notes


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