June 2018 – PAT Meeting #1

June 22, 2018, 1-3pm

UB backbone staff present:
Kassa Belay
David Harrington

Number of PAT members present: 24




  • Introduce ourselves to each other
  • Begin to build community and establish shared concerns
  • Clarify how the PAT/UB will work through a sample project proposal

Leadership Council Exercise:

  • Review the LC member list (including member descriptions) and choose the name of someone with potential to impact your work.
    • Imagine how you would explain your job-related adjectives to this LC member.
    • On a sticky note, summarize what you would say.
    • Consider UB’s goals around language and social-emotional development and what you would want this LC member to know about your job that might make it easier or more impactful.
  • Responses
    • NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
      • More integrated mental health services in clinical settings for young children and greater access to mental health support
      • More family centered support at health institutions
      • More highly coordinated Early Intervention services are needed in Brownsville that will allow for deeper information sharing between EI and other service providers in Brownsville.
      • More mental health consultants are needed to partner with Early Learn providers in brownsville, right now the demand for outstrips the supply
      • Please look out for and listen to the clients of Brownsville programs that are encouraged to participate in advocacy efforts that aim to destigmatize Mental Health issues for children and adults by sharing their own experiences and exploring strategies that bring similar conversations to more people in the Brownsville community. This work is important but often doesn’t get enough attention.
    • Early childhood researcher
      • Generally interested in research findings with recommendations for how to devise and implement relevant strategies locally
    • Hospital executive
      • Request greater collaboration between Brookdale and programs like preventive services and 2 generation home visiting services so that we can coordinate when clients in common miss appointments and have stronger referral relationships in both directions
    • Pediatric professor
      • Do you have particular children’s book recommendations that are effective in strengthening secure attachment bonds between caregivers and child that we can recommend to clients?
      • We are interested in helping to promote awareness of the GABI program in Brownsville because the themes emphasized in GABI are very relevant to the parenting experience for many residents in Brownsville. We’re also interested in promoting GABI and it’s approach/priorities to health practitioners in Brownsville such as pediatricians
    • NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
      • Addressing barriers to access is critical to achieving health equity
      • Collaboration across organizations is key to bridging gaps and is especially powerful across clinical, educational and case work settings
    • CBO executive
      • What are strategies to get parents invested in a child’s early development, particularly for new parents
    • Early childhood executive
      • Curious about strategies to increase impact at early childhood centers
    • NYC Administration for Children’s Services
      • Given your 2 generation framework what are often overlooked places to promote language and social emotional development for young children?
      • Please host more information sessions about your work at Brownsville early childhood centers.
    • Department of Education
      • Promote a “Health Standards” lens that focuses on social emotional needs of children with contracted agencies working with young children
      • In planning future RFPs for contracted EL providers please consider funding for Family Support, Salary Parity, Partnerships between DOE/CBOs/NYCERS
    • Cultural institution executive
      • Hoping for more BCM to promote and collaborate with more Brownsville CBOs
    • Educational publisher
      • Brooklyn Public Libraries, particularly in Brownsville, are strongly connected to community residents in ways that help them respond effectively to diverse and evolving needs- “personal interactions shape our work”

Introduction of the Discover Together: Brownsville (proposal) for collective impact activities:

Collaborative exercise/conversation about DTB proposal:

Homework and Evaluations (DH and KB)

  • DH and KB brought the meaning to a close by thanking the PAT and celebrating the work done this morning.
  • Copies of Partnership Agreement were distributed in hard copy and via email and UB staff encouraged representatives of CBOs that had not yet signed up to formalize a partnership with UB by completing the Partnership Agreement
  • The concept of the Reality Check (accountability survey) was introduced, and PAT members were each asked to complete one before leaving.

Survey results:

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