March 2021 – FAB Meeting #35

FAB Meeting #35 03/12/2021


  • 6 UB Backbone Staff (David Harrington, Kassa Belay, Dionne Grayman, Athenia Rodney, Aileen Gonzalez, Briona Clark, Ruth Horry)

  • 17 FAB Members


  • Introduce a new template for how the FAB guides UB towards new systems improvement projects

    • A first pass at Rank Choice Voting for new UB projects

  • Learning Landscapes at Home Updates


During the March FAB meeting, we updated the FAB on the progress of the Learning Landscapes at Home project since it’s pivot to the home from public spaces. The Backbone also introduced a selection process for new projects and made a first pass vote on possible areas of future system-based change.


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