March 2021 – PAT Meeting #30

PAT Meeting #30 03/05/2021


  • 6 UB Backbone Staff (Kassa Belay, Dionne Grayman, Athenia Rodney, Briona Clark, Aileen Gonzalez, Ruth Horry)

  • 22 PAT Members

  • 12 FAB members

Meeting Objectives:

  • In-depth introduction to Learning Landscapes at home and how PAT members can support it

  • Welcome new UB backbone team member, Ruth Horry!

  • Schedule 1:1 sessions with Aileen Gonzalez, EI Ambassador, and Ruth Horry, FAB Fellow

  • PAT member invitations to troubleshoot challenges and explore partnership opportunities


During our March meeting, the Backbone updated the PAT on the Learning Landscapes at home and shared the final version of the activity cards. PAT members discussed opportunities to collaborate on upcoming organizational projects and were introduced to Ruth Horry in her new role as FAB fellow.


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