November 2020 – PAT Meeting #26


  • 6 UB Backbone Staff (Kassa Belay, Danielle Augustine, Dionne Grayman, David Harrington, Athenia Rodney, Briona Clark)

  • 19 PAT Members

  • 16 FAB members


  • Continue Community Care Conversation

  • Share news about ongoing projects

  • Introduce potential early childhood education data project

Opening Reflection

  • The opening reflection was focused on hope and included the following quote by Alicia Garcia and two questions.

    • What is giving you hope right now?

    • Where might you find hope?

“Hope is not the absence of despair. I feel hopeful and devastated at the same time. But part of how I am able to generate that hope over and over again is by coming back to my purpose. And my purpose is to build power for my communities. And I want to help activate and inspire other people to do the same.”

News and Updates

  • Review of topics from last month’s PAT Meeting 10/2020

    • Reviewed our shared values for collaboration

    • Discussed Community Care project vision

    • Reviewed and collaboratively edited a sample of the Community Care Rubric

    • Discussed what it would take to get PAT members to sign on for the Community Care Project

  • Review of topics from last month’s PAT Meeting 10/2020

    • Established a FAB Hiring Subcommittee and hiring process for EI Ambassador and other positions

    • Approved Athenia Rodney’s promotion to full-time

    • Introduced a second participatory budgeting project

    • Co-edited project outline for Community Cares + interim meeting

  • Backbone Updates

    • Welcome Athenia Rodney as our full-time Community Engagement Associate. She will be working on UB strategy & project development, social media & professional development, dedicated FAB member support

    • As a part of the Robin Hood Heroes Award, Athenia Rodney will be featured in Robin Hood’s nationally broadcasted Year End Fundraiser on WNBC on Tuesday, Dec. 1st at 7pm ET

  • FAB Participatory Budgeting Home Delivery

    • This project was proposed by FAB member David Alexis and approved by the FAB and UB Backbone to provide home-delivery of food and goods to Brownsville area residents

    • So far two at home delivery rounds have been completed

    • Week 1: 420 boxes with 356 delivered to homes

    • Week 2: 420 boxes with 417 delivered to homes

    • Week 3: Waiting list

  • Family Co-op Session II

    • Families have gathered virtually every Saturday at 11am and 1pm

    • On average 16 families participate weekly

    • The second 8 week session will begin December 5th

      • Session II: December 5 – February 13

      • Session III: February 27 – April 24

      • Session IV: May 1 – June 19

    • The registration link will be shared on Tuesday in our PAT google group

  • Early Intervention Ambassador

    • The hiring process for the new EI Ambassador is ongoing and the FAB hiring subcommittee is participating in the hiring process

    • The stages of the hiring process are

      • Initial Application

      • Application review

      • Phone interviews with top 5 candidates

      • Current stage = Request and review work samples from top 3 candidates (entire FAB invited)

      • Large group interviews of top 3 candidates – entire FAB invited

      • Final candidate selection

    • The target start date is January 4th

    • UB would like to arrange meetings in early January with PAT members to introduce them to the EI Ambassador directly

Discussion Topics

  • Early Childhood Education Data

    • Aiming to answer the question: How has early childhood education (Early Head Start, EarlyLearn, 3K, Pre-K, Kindergarten) been impacted by pandemic in Brownsville?

    • Preliminary Subquestions

      • Q1: How has enrollment in early childhood programming in Brownsville changed between 2019-20 and 2020-21?

        • Research challenges anticipated include that most data is not released for 2019-20 and earlier by the city and that 2020-21 data will be released in January and may not contain EarlyLearn or contracted 3K, Pre-K

        • Potential solution is that this might be achievable with a voluntary sample from programs operating in the neighborhood

      • Q2: How has instructional time changed for early childhood programming in Brownsville between 2019-20 and 2020-21?

        • Research challenges anticipated include that

          • Attendance data is for DOE schools only, no charter

          • Not released for March to June of 2020

          • No grade breakdown

        • Potential solution is that this might be achievable with a voluntary sample from programs operating in the neighborhood

      • Q3: How does  Brownsville compare to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn or the rest of the city?

        • Research challenges anticipated include being dependent of the system-wide DOE data

        • Potential solutions ?

    • ECE Enrollment as a percentage of target is down 29% this year from last year as an average of 9 programs across Brownsville

      • Average change in enrollment per program is (-16)

      • Largest change to a program is (-78%)

    • Possible project directions

      • Find new ways to fill in educational gaps for young children immediately?

      • A concerted effort to boost remote and blended learning enrollment in Brownsville this year and/ or next year?

      • A concerted effort to boost in-person enrollment once the pandemic ends?

      • Pursue advocacy to ensure the survival of ECE programs in Brownsville as we enter an era of budget cutting?

    • Additional questions posed:

      • How well adapted are parents to remote learning?

      • What is the impact on parents and children of learning at home with children of different ages and abilities?

      • What drives family decisions to opt-in or out of in-person learning and how is it going?

      • What are the impacts of remote learning and masked in-person learning on children’s social development?

      • What have other communities done to boost enrollment and attendance? What can we learn from that?

        • Learning streets

    • UB requested anonymized (if need be) attendance and enrollment data to build improvement projects from Brownsville based early education programs

    • UB has shared a Back to School Household Survey from South Bronx Rising Together linked here:

  • Community Care Project Pilot

    • The Community Care Vision: collaborating to understand and adhere to standards of excellence in care, as defined by local residents and agreed to by service providers.

      • This includes part of a vision of equity discussed by the FAB in which Brownsville is thought of as a desirable place to live, work, and receive care just as other more affluent neighborhoods around NYC are

    • The Community Care Project Outline live document is available here:

  • The group then split into breakout groups to discuss the outline/guide for the Community Care Project in greater detail and make necessary changes

Next Steps

  • Help us collect ECE data used anonymously

  • Sign up for the Community Care Pilot

  • Look out for Family Co-op semester 2 enrollment opportunities

  • Begin noting experiences with Early Intervention that can inform supports provided by UB’s EI Ambassador


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