November 2021 – FAB Meeting #43


  • 8 UB Backbone Staff (David Harrington, Kassa Belay, Athenia Rodney Danielle Augustine, Danielle Herring, Dionne Grayman, Aileen Gonzalez, Ruth Horry, Briona Clark)
  • 13 FAB Members



  1. Group check-in and reconnection led by Dionne 
  2. Propose changes to the way UB thinks about new projects
  3. Re-introduce our newly hired EI Ambassador 



  • FAB is not just an early childhood community planning body but also a community of support for its own members, and consequently when needed, time will be repurposed away from planning efforts and towards caring for one another
  • UB Backbone team restructuring to elevate local leadership and create dedicated leadership position for Brick and Mortar type projects in addition to UB’s commitment for Systems-Improvement efforts

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