October 2020 – FAB Meeting #30


  • UB Backbone Staff (Kassa Belay, Danielle Augustine, Dionne Grayman, David Harrington, Athenia Rodney, Briona Clark)

  • 19 FAB Members


  • A FAB Hiring Subcommittee is being developed in order to directly incorporate the FAB into hiring decisions. The new hiring process as well as subcommittee stipulations have been approved by the FAB.

  • The FAB discussed possible incentives for care providers using the Community Care Rubric, resulting in the decision to host an Interim Meeting where FAB members can summarize their concerns on paper

  • Part 2 of the UB Participatory Budget Project has been presented to the FAB along with a google form to collect FAB feedback about the current state of the proposal. This project would include $50k of financial relief to a local business selected by the FAB.

Meeting Notes


  • Updates on Rydails and Family Co-op

  • Stipends news

  • Determine next steps in hiring EI Ambassador and FAB Hiring Committee

  • Discuss ideas for Community Care incentive

  • Introduce UB Participatory Budget

Opening Reflection

  • What is your favorite self-care practice of late?

    • Time blocking, massage, using Alexa for lists/alarms/ etc. , monitoring our schedules, being mindful, journaling, family walks, prayer, turning off your phone, decorating isolation room, exercise

News and Updates

  • Rydehails home delivery of food and goods partnership

    • 4 delivery dates/4 weeks

    • 168 driver shifts

    • 32 FAB delivery packing shifts

    • Over 450+ sign-ups, recruitment full

    • Program has not yet met goal of 21 drivers and start date had to be pushed back

    • Tentative start date 10/21/20

    • Rydehails has suggested expanding zip code beyond 11212 to recruit more drivers

  • The Family Co-op Year 2 launched virtually this past Saturday 10/03

    • Families gather virtually every Saturday at 11pm and 1pm

    • FAB shared that family co-op has been going well, family and parents are enjoying being in community, discussion included the topic of it “taking a village to raise a child” and how this is culturally relevant to members, discussed hobbies or lack thereof due to parenting

  • FAB Stipends

    • Payment for activities from 09/11 – 10/09

      • Link will be sent via email and whatsapp of attendance records and can be found here : http://bit.ly/octfabattendance

      • Please alert Danielle of changes by Tuesday, October 13th

    • Stipends for FAB members will be increased to base $100/month plus 50$ stipend per meeting attended to compensate FAB members for increased participation as budget allows (at least until June)

    • Check in with backbone staff will be scheduled when FAB members miss two consecutive FAB meetings

  • FAB Fellowship

    • Promotion of Athenia to full-time role, tentatively effective Nov. 1

    • Athenia will focus on FAB engagement and support, general strategy, project advancement, Social Media, and Professional Development

    • UB will be onboarding a second FAB fellow to fill Athenia’s previous position who will focus on social media and professional development

      • Application and more information will be coming soon

    • FAB voted to promote Athenia unanimously via poll

  • FAB Hiring Sub-committee

    • Following up on Admin meeting feedback from FAB in September

      • Phase 1- Application review by all subcommittee members using scoring template provided by backbone (2 business days)

      • Phase 2 – initial screening call including 1-2 subcommittee members and UB Backbone staff; applicant is asked to complete a work assignment

      • Phase 3 – assignments collected (4 business days) and reviewed by subcommittee members, applicants are narrowed down to 3 candidates (3 business days)

      • Phase 4 – 3 candidates are invited to the final round, work assignments are shared with the entire FAB in a two hour interim meeting: 30 min. per interview for each candidate and a  30 min FAB debrief

      • Phase 5 – FAB can complete a poll/survey to share their thoughts on the entire process to be analyzed, summarized, and reported by the Backbone staff

    • Poll was presented to FAB to vote on max number of subcommittee members

      • FAB voted to have 7 subcommittee members

      • Backbone staff will send out next steps for subcommittee members

Discussion Topics

  •  Community Care

    • Dionne discussed which incentives would best support PAT members

      • Testimonials: uses a link to UB website

        • Could testimonials be played on TVs in offices?

      • FAB Approved list: PAT orgs can be added to a list after meeting care requirements

      • Communicate Learning Results: PAT orgs receive a qualitative grade

      • Credentialing: receive a certificate for meeting all standards of care outlined by FAB and onboarding FAB members to an ad hoc advisory board

    • Could we use a secret shopper model to fill information gaps when there is a large disparity between the institution self evaluation and client survey?

      • Roundtable with PAT members suggested by Ruth

        • Result: Interim meeting “Quality care is not just a hard line it is a Lifeline” where FAB members can summarize on paper issues and suggestions to be presented to FAB and then PAT

      • Observation in a limited capacity in situations where assessments of the same visit are greatly misaligned

    • Summary of Suggested Process

      • Compile a list of programs where misalignment exists

      • The ways information is collected are not mutually exclusive or mandatory

        • Part of the commitment is observing institutional practices

      • Asking service providers to self administer assessments

      • Asking clients to do the same for same for offices

      • Forming advisory subcommittee from FAB to review the rubrics

  • UB participatory Budgeting Project Pt. 2

    • Small business support from Sirus Offer

      • $50,000 of targeted relief for business in Brownsville which

        • The FAB identified as vital

        • Whose continued existence is threatened by the economic impact of COVID-19

        • There exists a will and a path to survival

      • Kassa has sent out an email with full proposal and google form to collect feedback open until next Friday linked here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GxmHktfczwEYT1Z2TnxD4SUoL-

    • 2 suggested stipulations

  1. Requirement that the selected business have a focus serving families with young children

  2. Requirement that the selected business fully participate in small business coaching support

Next Steps

  • Interim meeting “Quality care is not just a hard line it is a Lifeline” where FAB members can collect on paper issues and suggestions to be presented to the PAT

  • Review Oct FAB attendance

  • Backbone staff will send out info regarding 2nd FAB Fellow Position

  • Backbone staff will follow up with FAB Hiring Committee on EI Ambassador Position

  • Complete google feedback form for UB Participatory Budget Project 2

  • Volunteer waiver google form will be sent out in an email


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