October 2021 – PAT Meeting #36


  • 6 UB Backbone Staff (Kassa Belay, David Harrington, Aileen Gonzalez, Danielle Augustine, Athenia Rodney, Ruth Horry, Briona Clark)
  • 58 PAT Members and other relevant providers
  • 14 FAB members¬†


Meeting Objectives:

  • Develop an approach that will help Brownsville families access the Child Tax Credit
  • Provide the PAT with the support you need to help families access the Child Tax Credit
  • Create a learning mechanism that will enable us to better help families with the Child Tax Credit and impact US government efforts like it in the future



UB used our September PAT meeting to introduce a 6 week project to ensure that eligible Brownsville-area families have access to expanded child tax credit funds.


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