September 2020 – FAB Meeting #29


  • UB Backbone Staff (Kassa Belay, Danielle Augustine, Dionne Grayman, David Harrington, Athenia Rodney)

  • 19 FAB Members


  • UB will be taking steps to better include the FAB in administrative decisions

  • Our Participatory Budgeting Contract with Rydehails to deliver food and goods to community members in being processed.

  • UB will be partnering with the Brooklyn Library to fuse our curriculum with their CTLE course for the Learning Landscapes + Books for Brownsville Activity Kits

Meeting Notes


  • Introduce and interview prospective intern Briona Clark

  • Update on next iteration of Learning Landscapes, Books for Brownsville and Family Co-op, Supply Chain/ Home Delivery Project

  • Continue the Community Care rubric conversation

  • Discuss ways to further include the FAB in administrative decisions

Opening Reflection

  • Reflect on the 19th Anniversary of 9/11

  • Watch and discuss CBS video of black people discussing their experiences of racial bias in health care

    • Issues include financial burden of prescriptions, cavalier attitude/lack of empathy from doctors, self-advocacy necessary to receive treatment,

    • Solutions include public chain of command for complaints, accessible information

News and Updates

  • A Participatory Budgeting Contract is being processed between Rydehails and Community Solutions

    • New food source options being explored, #1 prospect is Red Rabbit

    • UB is requesting help with logistics from Earnstin Young’s racial equity group

  • Learning Landscapes + Books for Brownsville Activity Kits

    • Cards that can be easily placed in the home

    • Held roundtable with 13 FAB members on Wednesday 9/2

    • PAT members will be invited to be “trusted messengers”

    • UB will be partnering with Brooklyn Public Library to fuse our curriculum with their CTLE course

  • Family Co-op Launch

    • Year 2 will be 10/2020 – 06/2021

    • 4 Cohorts are each 8 weeks long

    • Online and in person at Morris Koppelman Center

    • Link to sign up here:

    • 08/17-09/11 stipend will be processed on Monday. A link to our records was sent via email and WhatsApp. Please review our records and notify staff of any changes by Monday 09/14

Discussion Topics

  •  Community Care Rubric

    • Last month FAB broke into small groups and created the Community Care Worksheet

    • Review exercise on how we measure the quality of care:

  1. Ranking from 1-10

  2. Checklist (Yes or No)

  3. Rating checklist and numerical ranking scale combined

  4. Qualitative review with no numbers

  • Broke into 4 groups and reviewed Community Care Worksheet from last month

    • Asked what is missing?

    • Decided on how to measure care for each role and factor

    • Reviewed and edited comprehensive qualitative questions for providers

  • Steps to further include FAB in administrative decisions

    • An Administrative Interim meeting will be held on 09/28 from 1pm-2pm to discuss how to set protocols for FAB to participate in decision making

    • Backbone staff will invite FAB members to feedback groups and include them in hiring and other decisions

    • Google doc templates will be created and shared over the next week to receive feedback about the FABs role in decision making

    • Values will be revisited to allow FAB members to hold backbone staff accountable to the proposed power dynamic within the organization

Next Steps

  • Have PAT members use the care checklist as a self reflective tool in partnership with FAB members in the future

  • How do we hold the PAT accountable?

    • Option: Have PAT members sign a commitment to follow through on FAB member feedback

  • Family Co-op registration is open


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