2023 Child Care Voucher Project

United for Brownsville is collaborating with local families and social service providers to increase access to child care vouchers in the community.

Goal: Brownsville families will access an equitable rate of ACS childcare vouchers by the end of the summer of 2023.

Background: The following developments have changed the landscape for accessing vouchers for child care from ACS in New York City, but many families are not aware of the changes and how to navigate them.

  1. ACS cleared a decades’ long waiting list for income-based child care vouchers
  2. Payment changes:
    • Maximum family fee changed from 10 percent of income to 1 percent. The same family that once paid $55 per week will now pay $10. 
  3. Eligibility changes:
    • From 200% to 300% of poverty level, e.g. family of 4 @ $80k annually v. $55k annually
    • Average 10 hours of work per week instead of 20
    • You can now qualify while looking for employment
    • 24 month authorization instead of 12 month
  4. The MyCity portal moved the voucher application process online, and ACS now receives over 1,000 applications per week. There is a budget of 41,000 funded vouchers.


With limited time and limited supply, Brownsville families need to be 

  1. Made aware of the vouchers and increased eligibility
  2. Informed on how to apply
  3. Able to apply quickly prior to vouchers running out

How to get involved:

Contact Mica Rencher (mrencher@brownsvillepartnership.org) or Ruth Horry (rhorry@brownsvillepartnership.org) to help design and test new outreach materials and strategies and to learn how you can help local families access this important resource.

More reading:

  1. UB presentation announcing this project
  2. Project charter


Media Kit (share these materials!)