Brooklyn COVID-19 & Community Resource Guide

This crisis caused by the coronavirus is already having a disproportionate impact on Brownsville and surrounding neighborhoods, which we see as . We can help by continuing to come together.

United for Brownsville is in constant contact with residents, educational, health, and social service providers, City Agencies, and funders about how to support the community during the difficult time spurred by the coronavirus.

Families and service providers in Brownsville can find information/resources and post requests for help at the​ Coronavirus​ resource we are updating and maintaining on this site. We are also soliciting more information and resources to pass along.

With care,
The UB Team


There were 16 events from May-Aug 2020 serving an average of 845 households or 3,072 individuals per event, delivering

  • 233,775 pounds of produce
  • 23,750 masks and 4,410 boxes of disinfecting wipes
  • 1,154 soap bars and 7,000 hand sanitizers
  • 65,100 diapers
  • 325 “Books for Brownsville” literacy gift bags and 1000 “Brooklyn Book Bodega” books
  • 280 home deliveries conducted to the most vulnerable Brownsville residents.

4 weekly home deliveries from October – November 2020 serving 420 families each week who are unable to physically get to food distribution points. Deliveries included one 15-20 lb food box per household plus hand sanitizer and facemasks.