United for Brownsville Uncategorized COVID-19: Get resources. Get customized help.

COVID-19: Get resources. Get customized help.


Residents of Brownsville and Brooklyn, NYC, can now get customized access to resources to help them meet needs during the coronavirus pandemic and anytime after.

Since early March, United for Brownsville (UB) has been working with Brooklyn residents and social service providers to respond to COVID-19 by coordinating resources and information. Our well-trafficked, constantly-evolving, and continually edited resource guide has helped residents and providers access trusted resources and help in accessing food, face masks, testing, tele-health, eviction prevention, benefits enrollment, workplace and financial advice, activities for children, and many other areas.

We have now updated our guide into an interactive checklist usable by individuals for themselves or their friends and family, service providers on behalf of their clients, or anyone else. The checklist provides customized resources based on responses to a brief questionnaire. Any information provided is strictly confidential.

Most importantly, anyone using the checklist can request customized help, and a UB staff member will respond to you directly or refer you to a service provider who can.

Although this tool was created as part of an emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic, UB is dedicating staff and resources to continually maintain and improve the tool so that it will be relevant as the pandemic changes as well as after the pandemic is over.

The tool is truly a joint effort: 20 residents of Brownsville, Brooklyn, on UB’s Family Advisory Board, as well as some 40 social, health, and educator service providers contributed to its creation, along with Evoke Communications and Facade Interactive.

This project is sponsored by Robin Hood and fueled by SCO Family of Services and Community Solutions.

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